We were honored to have Hajime Nishi from Japan come to America and run the RAILS TO TRAILS MARATHON,
his 703rd marathon.  In 1997, he became the first person who run marathon on each of 7 continents in 7
months from Antarctica to Africa in 182 days.  The WALL STREET JOURNAL had introduced him as "One of the
World's Most Accomplished Runners" through The WALL STREET JOURNAL RADIO NETWORK and "Life Work
Balance" column on the top page of their news paper as well.  In 1999, The Guinness Book had created an new
world record for his accomplishment, "The world's fastest time to run a marathon on each of seven continents"

Now he is on 60-year mission to run and report 1,000 marathons in 250 countries and regions on 7 continents
for Peace. When cherry blossoms are in full bloom, he is organizing a non-competition running and walking
event called ECO SLOW MARATHON since 2011 near Tokyo-Narita Int'l Airport to raise environmental,
humanitarian and peace awareness to create a harmonious peaceful planet, among people from 5 continents.

He prefers to enjoy the wholeness of a marathon instead of running for a faster finishing time.
Because life is a journey, not a destination.