Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?
Saturday night parking can be found along the village streets and in
front of the Norwalk Community Center where the spaghetti supper is held.
Sunday parking can be found along the streets and at the park. Volunteers will be there to help you.

Can Walkers start Early?
Yes, please make prior arrangements with Registration to coordinate a 7 am start to walk.
However, finisher medals will only be awarded if you can finish within the 6 hour time limit.  
Early starters are not eligible for age group awards.

Is the course certified ?  
The course is certified the number is wi-08024-dm
and a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

My training won't allow me to finish a Marathon, can I downgrade to the 1/2 Marathon?
Absolutely, please contact Registration  to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Where can I leave my "stuff" while I am running?
We will have an equipment check in near the start line the day of the race.  
You will be provided with a bag tag to check things in.  Any items that are not picked up
will be held onto for 2 weeks, after that they will be donated to Goodwill.

Can I use a jogging stroller during the race?
No. Jogging strollers will not be allowed on the trail.

How do I claim my pre & post race meals?  
Your tickets will be in your race packet when you pick it up.

Can I bring my husband/wife/kids/grandma/brother/sister/best friend/neighbor/dog
into the post-race recovery area?
No. While the park is open to everyone it is important to keep a clear path,
to avoid over crowding this area is reserved past the finish line and is for registered runners only.  

Where in Norwalk is there an ATM?
F & M Bank, 100 Main Street, Norwalk, WI
The Place Tavern, 104 Main Street, Norwalk, WI 54648

Is there free WiFi Service anywhere in Norwalk?
Yes, outside of the Norwalk Public Library, 101 Railroad St.

The address for the
Community Center is 200 W. North St.
This is where the spaghetti dinner is on Saturday,
you may also pick up your registration packet here.

The address for the
Norwalk Village Park is 102 Mill St.
This is where the events are held on Sunday and where the starting and finishing line are located.
You may pick up your registration packet in the lower shelter starting at 6 am.
For more information
you can find us on Facebook!
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