Norwalk is located in the Driftless Region of WI, untouched by glaciers our area is characterized by its beautifully sculpted
topography. Forested hillsides reach down to valleys cut into limestone bedrock by cold-water trout streams. Forests, prairie
remnants, wetlands, and grasslands provide habitat for wildflowers and wildlife. Land is farmed by the descendants of those
who first settled here, by the Amish who adopted the area, and by a new breed of organic farmer.   Artists, who need look no
further than their own backyard for inspiration, create works of infinite variety.

The name "Driftless Area" has nothing to do with snow. Instead, it’s referring to a different kind of “drift”, a mixture of rocks
and gravel, boulders and residue that’s normally left behind by retreating glaciers. The geology of the upper Midwest owes
much of its shape to the movement of glaciers. Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes, for instance, are largely divots scraped out of the
Earth by these massive walls of ice. The depressions later filled with water and became lakes. But the most recent glacial
marches to the south"recent", in this case, meaning things that happened 100,000 years ago seem to have bypassed the
Driftless Area entirely. Because of that, the geography here looks very different compared to the glacier-shaped land around
it.  To call our area scenic is an understatement, especially this time of the year, breathtakingly beautiful is more like it!  
Please enjoy my personal photos, I ask that you do not use them otherwise without my written consent.  
Driftless Region