Who we are & what we do
The Rails to Trails organization is made up of a planning committee and numerous
organizations and volunteers who make this day possible.

Theresa Lehner - President (608) 823-7942
Barb Ornes - Secretary (608) 797-7873
Dana Martenson - Treasurer & Registration (608) 343-9853
Janelle Stoikes - Media & Marketing  janellestoikes@gmail.com
100% of our proceeds go back into the
community and towards the expenses for the
next years marathon!

Some of the ways we support our community are:

- Donations are made to all of the clubs and organizations who volunteer

- Scholarships are given every year

- Handicap accessible playground equipment for 2 playgrounds

- Tables for our local Community Center

- Creek restoration

-Maintenance for the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail

- Flowers for the downtown area

This year we were able to donate to the
Norwalk Volunteer Fire Department, so they could
purchase their first new pumper since 1959