Who we are & what we do
The Rails to Trails organization is made up of a planning committee and numerous
organizations and volunteers who make this day possible.

Theresa Lehner - President (608) 823-7942
Barb Ornes - Secretary (608) 797-7873
Dana Martenson - Treasurer & Registration (608) 343-9853
Mary Beth Hanson - Organizational Supervisor
Kathy Neumann - Registration Attire Distributor  
Janelle Stoikes - Media & Marketing  janellestoikes@gmail.com
100% of our proceeds go back into the
community and towards the expenses
for the next years marathon!

Some of the ways we support our community are:

- Donations are made to all of the clubs and organizations who

- Scholarships are given every year

- Handicap accessible playground equipment for 2 playgrounds

- Field lights for the Ballpark

- Tables for our local Community Center

- Creek restoration

-Maintenance for the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail

- Flowers for the downtown area

We were able to donate to the Norwalk Volunteer Fire Department,
so they could purchase their first new pumper since 1959
New addition to the NORWALK PUBLIC LIBRARY