Our route follows the Elroy-Sparta bike trail. The starting point and finish point are one in the
same and located in the Village park.  There is a turn around point for the marathoners,
everything is well marked and there will be volunteers there and at the aid stations along the
way. Just to clarify that even tho you will be on the Elroy-Sparta trail you will not be running
from Elroy WI to Sparta WI. Just the portion from the starting point, to the turn around, and
back. Our route is also walker friendly, so don't forget to tell your family and friends!  

TRAIL SURFACE INFO:  The trail has a consistent limestone surface, that it runs the whole length
of the trail.  We go through before hand and make sure that any piles of leaves and any other
debris is picked up to make sure the trail is in the best condition that it can be. The bike trail
and the tunnels were originally constructed in 1873 (!) as the main line for the Chicago and
North Western Railway. The tunnels are damp and chilly but well lit with lanterns so you can
see clearly.  To the right is a map of the bike trail, to give you an idea of the route.  

You can find many elevation maps on the internet on sites like mapmyrun.com.  This info is
not posted here because it comes from an unofficial and unconfirmed source.  It belongs to
and comes from the individual who posted it on the website, not us.

MARATHON          ___  $65 until Aug. 14th,   $80 until Sept. 14th,   $95 until race day.
HALF                       ___  $50 until Aug. 14th,   $65 until Sept. 14th,   $80 until race day.
5K                            ___  $25 until Aug. 14th,   $30 until Sept. 14th,   $35 until race day.                
1 MILE DASH         ___  $20

Full & 1/2 Marathon
pricing includes a long sleeve runners tech shirt, finishers medal,
and tickets to the spaghetti supper on Saturday & chicken q on Sunday.

5K & MILE DASH pricing includes a Rails to Trails 5K & DASH t-shirt and finishers ribbon.

Medals are given to those who finish in their alloted time frame.

Additional tickets to the spaghetti supper and chicken q may be purchased
upon registering for $9.

Additional food can be purchased in the upper shelter served by the                                  
Brookwood Diversity club.

Full Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5k, & 1 mile dash
Sunday, October 7th
In Norwalk WI, the black squirrel capital of the world
On the scenic Elroy-Sparta State Trail with a 3/4 mile long tunnel
** This is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon **
Here is some great info on the
Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail
from the Travel Wisconsin website
America's first Rails to Trails project

You may check your results here ---->>>
Free beer, popcorn and DJ are available to everyone at the finish line.